Soccer in England

In England, soccer, or football as it is more commonly referred to, is probably the most popular spectator sport in the country, with millions watching matches every week. The biggest clubs in the country can command weekly attendances of 60,000 fans a game, and fan can travel hundreds (or in some cases thousands!) of miles to watch their side play. Even when fans don’t attend matches, they will listen to the game on the radio, or watch it on TV in the local pub.

Famous Clubs

The most widely recognised English soccer club has to be Manchester United. Managed by fiery Scot Alex Ferguson for over 20 years, they dominated the top league in England for many years, as well as claiming honours in the European Champions League. Manchester United has fans all over the world, who are no doubt attracted by the club’s success, as well as their attractive brand of football.


Famous Players

Probably one of the most famous English soccer players is David Beckham, who started his career at Manchester United and captained England before playing for Real Madrid. After a successful few years in Spain, he signed for LA Galaxy in the United States before he finished his career in France playing for Parisian club, PSG.

Grass Roots & Fan Support

Part of the reason behind soccer’s popularity in England is due to how widespread the game is in the country. Kids play it at school and in the streets, and adults will often participate in five a side leagues. Children trade football stickers in the classrooms, and the success of video games such as FIFA and Football Manager also mean that when people aren’t playing the game for real, they’re taking part in it virtually instead.

In short soccer is a game the English are very passionate about, with it often being a popular topic in workplaces and pubs across the country, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon!